Keep it up Puffs!

5 steps to a better Hufflepuff

Step 1. Wizard Duels

Hello Hufflepuffs!

I’ve put together 5 simple steps to help Hufflepuff gain more points on Pottermore. The first step in my proposed 5 steps to a better Hufflepuff is Wizard Duels.

Wizard Duels are the fastest way to earn house points, with each successful duel earning 5 house points.

Now, dueling can get competitive so before you go out screaming your Hufflepuff battle cry, please practice against other Hufflepuffs until you are averaging at least 141 spell potency.

Once you become confident in your skill level, start dueling the current house above Hufflepuff.

If you face a witch or wizard who scores higher than you, that’s okay, just move in to a different opponent.

if you face a witch or wizard who scores significantly lower than you, that’s awesome! You’ve found a weak link! Request a rematch and continue to duel that witch or wizard for house points!

The spell Full-body bind will earn you the most points.

If all active Hufflepuffs duel to earn at least 100 (win 20 duels) house points a day we should be able to catch up!

Step 2. Brew Potions

Brewing potions allows you to earn larger quantities of house points, but it also take a larger time commitment. 

If you are new to brewing potionspractice in your first cauldron.The slowest cauldron is the least expensive, so if you accidentally blow it up, it’s no big deal.

Cure for Boils is the easiest potions. You’ll want to practice mixing the easy potions before you move on to the more difficult potions.

Once you are confident in your potion skills, use faster cauldrons, like the copper cauldronto brew Cure for Boils and other potions in accordance with your time limits.

While you’re brewing potions, remember step 1. and participate in some Wizard Duels!

If you run out of money and new more potions ingredients, post in the Hufflepuff Common Room on the Pottermore website and other Hufflepuffs will be sure to help you out.

If you just can’t seem to get the hang of potions, feel free to donate ingredients to other Hufflepuffs so we can keep earning points!

Step 3. Promote Puff Pride

If you have a positive attitude towards the noble house of Hufflepuff you can help motive other Hufflepuffs and give out house some school spirit!

Pride in your house, pride in who you are, is essential to motivating yourself and other Hufflepuffs to work hard to duel other witches and wizards in Wizard Duelsand to Brew Potions!

If you follow this blog, I’ll be doing my best to spread Puff Pride all over the Internet! You can help by submitting your own bits of Puff Pride clicking the reblog button on posts which inspire you as a Hufflepuff!

Step 4. Halt Huffle Hate

Bullying, of any kind is not cool. It’s beyond not cool. Millions suffer ever day from being bullied by relentless put-downs and offensive comments. The Internet is a place where bullies run free and unchecked, and many sub groups of Internet culture face discrimination dealing with their interests and hobbies.

Hufflepuffs are one of the many groups who face ridicule from Internet based stereotypes. You’ve probably heard all sorts of jokes about Hufflepuffs, and while these may seem harmless, they discourage many witches and wizards who find themselves sorted into Hufflepuff. 

On this blog I’ll also be dispelling Huffle Hate claims and jokes while promoting Puff Prideand you can help do your part too by standing up for Hufflepuff and proving the hater wrong by being mind blowingly awesome as a Hufflepuff!

Step 5. Bring back the Zeros

When I say the “zeros” I mean those abandoned Hufflepuff accounts. 

We all know this happens. Witches and Wizards get sorted into Hufflepuff, and rage and cry about their lives being over, then they abandon their Hufflepuff accounts and those accounts just sit there earning 0 house points.

It is unclear how Pottermore tallies up house points, but if any averaging is involved, even thoughHufflepuff houses the top students in the schoolwith all those zeros weighing us down we can’t really go anywhere.

So this 5th step is a bit more tricky. If you know ANYONE who has an abandoned Hufflepuff zero account, PLEASE urge them to participate as a Hufflepuff to earn house points or to delete their account.

If doesn’t take long, just find your Pottermore information, long on, and deactivate your unwanted Hufflepuff account. Pottermore will auto delete any account which has been inactive for over 6 months but we don’t have that sort of time to spare.

Also, if you know any who who has multiple accounts and one of them happen to be Hufflepuff, have them either choose to focus on Hufflepuff or delete their account.

The last time I checked Hufflepuff was averaging just barely over 15 house points per student. 

As you can tell, we have A LOT of zeros and low participation members we need to convince to help out their house.

So spread the word! Hufflepuff has a chance if we all band together!

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My Pottermore user name is Starholly17 and I am a PROUD Hufflepuff!

I'm sick of seeing huffle hate all over the Internet so I've decided to throw together a little blog to bring out some puff pride, because our house really needs to step up this school year!

Last year Hufflepuff came in 4th place.
This year we'll do better!

So if you're a Proud Hufflepuff go ahead and hit the follow button and we'll see if we can earn some respect for our house!

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