A cheating Puff?

Hello Hufflepuffs, as you may have heard, there have been rumors that SnitchSpirit168 has been cheating to earn housepoints.

I would like to write this off as another instance of huffle hate, but there have been repots that SnitchSpirit168 has openly bragged about this on Twitter.

Until I see solid proof that a Hufflepuff is cheating I refuse to believe that our comeback has been the result of anything other than dedicated Hufflepuff witches and wizards.

To support my beliefs I’d like to point out that Hufflepuff’s top 20 are scoring higher than every other houses top 20 students. Does that mean we have 20 cheating Puffs? Hardly believable given the fact that Hufflepuffs are sorted based on a value of hard work and fair play. 

Maybe Hufflepuff is just working a little harder this year, ever think about that?

My Pottermore user name is Starholly17 and I am a PROUD Hufflepuff!

I'm sick of seeing huffle hate all over the Internet so I've decided to throw together a little blog to bring out some puff pride, because our house really needs to step up this school year!

Last year Hufflepuff came in 4th place.
This year we'll do better!

So if you're a Proud Hufflepuff go ahead and hit the follow button and we'll see if we can earn some respect for our house!

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